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Oath of loyalty to the King of England by the Militia in 1812Oath of loyalty to the King of England by the Militia

The 1812 History project is intended to continue well past the pilot stage. The project began in Niagara, but the history of the War of 1812 era is far reaching. There is much to learn and share.

There are two ways to further the project:

1. Contribute new records and artefacts to the online collection

2. Contribute educational materials to the project

Additional Partner Information

1. Heritage Institutions

The vision of this project is to amass a continuously growing online collection of records and artefacts that represent the War of 1812 era. By participating, your collection can be a part of an internationally significant project that reaches out to a diverse range of potential users.

Whether you have a few 1812 items or a massive collection, there is a place for you at 1812History.com.

Contact David Sharron using the contact form for more information.


2. Educators

Making these resources available to students of all ages is one of the desired outcomes of this project. Feel free to utilize the provided activities, lesson plans and other educational materials on this site in your teaching. If you create your own lessons on the War of 1812, we encourage you to contribute them to this website. Everyone benefits from the sharing of knowledge.

If you have materials to contribute, please contact David Sharron using the contact form.