Development of America in the 19th Century

Transition from Agricultural Economy to Industrial Economy

The original United States was an agricultural community. The country grew into a fully industrial community in the 19th century. The Industrial Revolution had begun in Britain in the mid-18th century. The abundance of land in America made it easier for the local community to adopt agriculture instead of engaging in heavy investments.

Improved standards of living

With the improvement in the standard of living, there was much need for industry-made tools instead of hand-made tools. The wake of the Industrial Revolution began when Samuel Slater opened the first industrial mill. Although the technology was borrowed from Britain, the technology increased the rate at which the cotton was spin.

Organization of communities

Apart from the introduction of the new machines, there was an organization of the communities which facilitated the expansive industrial growth. One of those strategies was the ‘outwork system.’ The system was such that the larger chunk of the production process was done at homes. This kind of organization was particularly suited for boot shoe production.

Industry system

The factory system industrial revolution came and revolutionized the whole industry. The system was such that much of the industrial production was done in a single centralized system. The Boston Associates did the factory system at large scale by recruiting English girls to do the paid work.

Wage labor

Wage labor was another huge booster of the industrial revolution. The workers could be compensated in monetary form at the end of their work-day. That system motivated the Lowell girls in their new roles as industrial workers.

Development of transport and credit system

The construction of the advanced railroads and roads enabled the raw materials to be transported to the industry and finished goods to be transported from the industry. Growth of the credit system enabled the merchants who were investing in risky industries to get funding to operate and expand their industries.