Featured items for the dates August 30 and 31

1) Letter dated 30 August 1814 - A letter dated August 1814, from Alex MacDonnell to Lieutenant Donald McDougal concerning his request for a transfer. He also asked about the status of McDougal's wounds and whether he would be ready for active service again soon.  Letter is at the Niagara Historical Society and Museum and can be viewed here

2) Mennonite exemption certificate dated 31 August 1812- A hand-written certificate dated August 31, 1812 declaring that John Graybiel of the Township of Wainfleet, County of Lincoln was a "manonist" and a son of a "Manonist" (meaning a Mennonite). This certificate, which the Militia Act required to be signed by three members of the congregation, exempted 16 year old John Graybiel from Military duty. It also proved that he was of the Mennonite faith and therefore, was not required to enlist in the militia. This item can be found at the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum and be viewed here.

Mennonite exemption certificate dated 31 August 1812